The Room Egypt

Cairo - 6TH October

"Opposite Mall Of Arabia Gate 20 October 6, Al Jizah, Egypt"

"4:00PM - 11:45PM " Opening hours

3 Rooms

Parking: No

Reception: Free Water And WiFi


  • 2 Players 300 EGP
  • 3 Players 400 EGP
  • 4 Players 500 EGP
  • 5 Players 600 EGP
  • 6 Players 700 EGP


The Bar

  • Persons: Max 6 Type: Horror
  • Difficulty Level:

What will you do if you find yourself locked inside a Bar with a serial killer on the chair next to you?! noone knows that you're locked inside, all what you have: some hints from the victimes who failed to escape before. Only one hour to save your life

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Old Office

  • Persons: Max 5 Type: Mind Puzzle
  • Difficulty Level:

You're inside the office of an evil genius. You will definitely report that you've discovered his methods, but not before you can get out of his office. He has trapped you inside with what seams to be too many plane tickets. With so many clues, there's no time to lose. What if he's already halfway across the globe? We promise that everyone's inner Sherlock will be challenged!

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Kid From 90s

  • Persons: Max 6 Type: Adventure
  • Difficulty Level:

This will definitely make all nostalgic people happy! We want you to feel like a happy kid again. So, think your older brother trapping you inside his room for telling on him. Between planning your next prank and going through their things, how much is revenge going to drive you to solve the puzzle in time and escape?

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