The Exit

- Cairo

4, 216 Street , Victory Square , Al Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

1:00PM - 12:00AM Opening hours

3 Rooms

Parking: No

Reception: Free Water & Hot Drinks


  • 2 Players 280 EGP
  • 3 Players 340 EGP
  • 4 Players 400 EGP
  • 5 Players 460 EGP
  • 6 Players 520 EGP
  • 7 Players 580 EGP
  • 8 Players 640 EGP



  • Persons: Max 6 Type: Horror
  • Difficulty Level:

Your friends have been died and you are now a slave for Dracula’s followers. You only have 60 minutes to Get Away from the curse and spread peace everywhere. Enjoy Dracula’s guest room adventure.

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The Tomb

  • Persons: Max 6 Type: Adventure
  • Difficulty Level:

You and your team have only 60 minutes to find solutions for all the secrets about black magic, Pharaoh's curse, immortality, and mummification in our Pharaonic. Otherwise, you will live in a hill of pharos’ curse ever after.

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The Prisoner

  • Persons: Max 6 Type: Adventure
  • Difficulty Level:

Maybe you are not guilty, but you have to face the prison with your friends, just to get red of the pain. Make sure to get a smart way to run and a safe Exit.

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