Sherlocked Egypt

- Cairo

"54 Mohi el Din Abo Al Ezz street, Dokki, Giza Cairo, Egypt"

3:00PM - 3:00AM Opening hours

3 Rooms

Parking: Yes

Reception: Free Water And WiFi


  • 1 Players 120 EGP
  • 2 Players 120 EGP
  • 3 Players 120 EGP
  • 4 Players 120 EGP
  • 5 Players 120 EGP
  • 6 Players 120 EGP


The Conjuring

  • Persons: Max 5 Type: Horror
  • Difficulty Level:

If you love the movie Conjuring and want to be a part of it, Sherlocked Egypt is the place to be! Be a part of the movie and meet Valak to live a horrific experience!

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The Ring

  • Persons: Max 6 Type: Horror
  • Difficulty Level:

we let you live the full movie experience and get locked with Samara for 60 minutes and try to escape.

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  • Persons: Max 7 Type: Horror
  • Difficulty Level:

The (DMT) PILLS Taking you to Other Word by your Mind not by Your Body but in "Sherlocked" in" the BLUE EHLEPHANT" ROOM WE WILL TAKY YOU BY YOUR MIND AND YOUR BODY "BOTH" SO ARE YOU READY ?!

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