- Alexandria

Fouad street. In front of Country Hills. Alexandria, Egypt"

4:00PM - 12:00AM Opening hours

3 Rooms

Parking: Yes

Reception: Free Water And WiFi


  • 2 Players 125 EGP
  • 3 Players 110 EGP
  • 4 Players 100 EGP
  • 5 Players 95 EGP
  • 6 Players 85 EGP
  • 7 Players 80 EGP



  • Persons: Max 6 Type: Adventure
  • Difficulty Level:

You have become a unit in the army and you are in the center of operations in the middle of the war and the commander is dead before the important information , you have to gather, do the bomb before the time is gone.

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  • Persons: Max 6 Type: Horror
  • Difficulty Level:

you have been in a haunted place and evasive evasion needed to gather the tools that you will use as you do the process of expelling souls yourself.

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Toy store

  • Persons: Max 6 Type: Adventure
  • Difficulty Level:

This toy shop is very strange !! the owner disappeared from a period, .. No one know his place .. the people hear strange sounds and see strange things moves inside the Shop .. !!

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