Escape Room Hurgada

- Hurgada

El Mamsha Hurghada

"5:00PM - 1:00AM " Opening hours

3 Rooms

Parking: No

Reception: Free Water And WiFi


  • 2 Players 120 EGP
  • 3 Players 110 EGP
  • 4 Players 100 EGP
  • 5 Players 90 EGP


The Champer of imhotep

  • Persons: Max 6 Type: Mind Puzzle
  • Difficulty Level:

The genius and master architect Imhotep built an ancient chamber for the biggest Pharaohs of his era. This tomb kept the real treasures and mummies hidden for centuries. But now you have the chance to find out what’s inside this mystic tomb.

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The Secret Agent

  • Persons: Max 6 Type: Mind Puzzle
  • Difficulty Level:

Somebody form our side stole the complete agent list of our agency, and he would like to sell it somehow. He did observations on us, and our members. We need an evidence about that, before we make further steps. Your mission is to find the agent list in the room and to find out who the double agent is. You only have one hour to complete the mission.

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The Haunted Gallery

  • Persons: Max 5 Type: Horror
  • Difficulty Level:

Hauted Gallery .. there's something weird inside .. Can You Escape .. !!

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